simplified computation

As the developer of the Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK), but also the Opensource Movement Analysis library (OpenMA) and Mokka, a motion kinetic and kinematic analyzer used by researchers from across the globe, Moveck’s latest technology innovation is our modular platform that simplifies outcomes computation from motion capture technologies—regardless of data volume, computational complexity, and motion capture source.

totally customizable

Moveck does not believe in the cookie-cutter approach to data computation and movement analysis. That is why our solution is completely customizable, depending upon your specific movement analysis challenges.

performance and ease of use

Moveck’s solution provides all the advanced analytical tools today’s researchers need to perform biomechanical modeling as well as kinematic, kinetic, and outcome analyses. No matter what type of movement analysis you need to conduct, Moveck offers exceptional ease of use, combined with unmatched computational performance and the latest mathematical models and algorithms to speed up your analysis processes—and ensure that your findings are based on rock-solid proof.

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