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Explore how our movement visualization, processing and analysis technology can take your research and diagnostics to a whole other level.

Extracting outcomes of interest has never been this easy.


your time-to-publish

Processing large volumes of data from 3D motion capture systems used to be time-consuming, restrictive and cumbersome.

Rely on Moveck’s proven expertise to mitigate inefficiencies in the data computation process and focus on what truly matters: your results.


solution for forward-thinking researchers

Contrary to other legacy systems, Moveck’s ahead-of-the-curve movement analysis platform features a wide variety of modules that can be completely customized according to your distinct research needs.

What’s more: we provide the most up-to-date and complete mathematical models to increase the reliability and quality of your movement outcome analyses.


movement analysis. reimagined. contemporary

As the developer of the Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK), but also the Opensource Movement Analysis library (OpenMA) and Mokka, a motion kinetic and kinematic analyzer used by researchers from across the globe, Moveck’s latest technology innovation is our modular platform that simplifies outcomes computation from motion capture technologies—regardless of data volume, computational complexity, and motion capture source.

moveck’s ultimate goal

To allow you to focus on your core research, rather than on data processing—and get your work published faster.


moveck moves with you

We are not simply a technology provider. Moveck offers end-to-end services to support you throughout your entire research process:

Consulting services

Technology outsourcing

Assistance with grant-related movement analyses

about us

from researchers to researchers’ services

Founded in November 2015, Moveck develops next-generation end-user solutions for researchers and professionals looking to leverage the data gleaned from motion capture technologies—and simplify and accelerate outcomes computation. We fill a missing link in the movement analysis sector by providing highly customizable tools to extract outcomes of interest, all while being your go-to consulting partner should you need assistance throughout your research workflow.

Moveck’s team is comprised of experts in biomechanics, applied mathematics and software programming, which makes it uniquely positioned to truly understand the issues researchers face with movement capture, processing, and analysis.

Our company has long-standing partnerships and collaborations with many different universities, research laboratories and companies, such as the Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et integration sociale, GaitUp, Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève, Qualisys, and many more. This enables us to remained attuned to the latest research in all types of human movement and broaden our already impressive library of mathematical models.


past, present, and future

Soon we will publish articles in several fields related to the motion analysis domain.

Some of them will be related to the development of our technologies, other about the evolution of the domain of interests. And more!

New office for Moveck!

August 29th, 2016|General|

We moved in Le Camp: An incubator-accelerator dedicated to tech businesses growth and mentorship. Our new address is the following: [...]

We are online!

August 17th, 2016|Website|

After several months of works on projects that showed company competences (like OpenMA), it is time to show us online! We are very [...]

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