During meetings with our users, our customers, and partners, we heard your needs regarding the creation and visualization of cycles in the context of your analysis.

How to determine quality events, how to eliminate aberrant cycles, how to use relevant descriptive statistics to make this selection? Is it possible to compare the results of two ongoing analyses? Can I have several different file formats that are comparable to each other? How can I quickly and efficiently specify my subphases? Where can I find an output report format that I can use for further processing? How can I visualize my information in 2D, 3D, or specifically adapted to my work context?

The list of needs and the quality issues of this processing stage have led us to offer you a solution that meets these challenges of visualization, editing and speed of processing in order to accelerate the transfer of your data from acquisition towards processing as part of your specific analyses. The tool offers representations, functionalities and above all the ability to accept several formats as input and produce several output formats customizable according to your needs.

Features Highlights

  • Creation of reloadable projects.
  • Supported file formats: C3D format, MVNX (Xsens), TXT (C-Motion), EXP/TXT (The MotionMonitor).
  • Creation of projects for multiple analyses.
  • Detection and visualization of events by testing and analysis.
  • Tools to assist in the exclusion of outlier cycles.
  • Comparison of results.
  • Specification of sub-phases to facilitate subsequent processing.
  • Exporting simple data reports or comparisons.
  • Customization of visualization, processing and reports.

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