Conventional Gait Pipeline

Are you using the Clinical Gait model processing pipeline and want to integrate it more directly into your acquisition solutions? Are you looking for ways to save time before your analyzes while guaranteeing the quality of your data during acquisition? You are interested in the possibility of using the same processing pipeline from different acquisition sources or in different processing environments, such as Python, Matlab, etc. ?

Integration addresses these diverse needs. This solution was developed to meet the demand for a transparent approach in data processing and efficient in terms of execution speed, thus making it possible to obtain quality results in an ever faster manner. This solution also provides the flexibility to customize the marker sets and models used to accommodate the diversity of your analyses.

Features Highlights

  • data preparation: Butterworth filter, fill gaps, offset computation, and more
  • skeleton calibration
  • skeleton reconstruction
  • joint kinematics and kinetics computation
  • event detection
  • cycle length normalization
  • descriptive statistics
  • results verified against existing model (e.g. Convention Gait Model version 1.0 and its variant)
  • modular and flexible architecture to adapt it to your existing workflow

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